Witnessing the political left’s increasing irrationality and aggressiveness is discouraging, but on the bright side, it’s immensely clarifying. People with selective memories may be unaware, but the left’s extremism and

By the start of last week, the Trump administration’s degeneratesatanic-jackbooted-sieg heil policy of detaching from their parents the children of captured illegal bordercrossers was taking on water and listing amidships:

Confirmation bias damages reputations. It ruins credibility. It destroys lives. When researchers ignore contradictory data that undermines their assumptions, junk science prevails. When police conduct investigations with predetermined outcomes, wrongful

Virtue signaling soared to new heights with the family separation issue on the southern border. Too many people, including many well-meaning ones, are leaving their minds at the door with

Ilive in amity with the Southern Baptists, whose general tolerance for my fellow “Whiskeypalians” I take kindly. I wouldn’t dream of joining the media whoop-de-do over who among the Baptist

Ialso have a dream.” This rallying cry, handwritten on a simple white placard held up by an Asian-American mom at a protest this week against liberal New York City Mayor

Let your voice be heard on important issues by contacting elected officials regularly. AUSTIN: The Hon. Greg Abbott Governor’s Office P.O. Box 12428 Capitol Station Austin, TX 78711 (512) 463-2000

Quick, grab the smelling salts and clear the fainting couches. President Trump’s pardon of conservative author Dinesh D’Souza last week violently triggered Beltway media elites. To The Washington Post editorial

The U.S. Supreme Court’s 7-2 decision in the Masterpiece Cakeshop case makes clear as day what the justices’ careful reasoning merely implies. To wit, the rights of religious freedom and