Alabama’s mostly Republican lawmakers and governor passed a strong abortion ban last week, and liberals are fit to be tied. “Today, I signed into law the Alabama Human Life Protection

It’s a funny thing about “culture.” It changes. That’s because people die and new ones get born, and along the way Things happen, events of one kind and another --

Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Economics at Ohio University Richard Vedder’s new book, “Restoring the Promise,” published by the Independent Institute based in Oakland, California, is about the crisis in higher

Reader offers appreciation for reporter, recent stories Congratulations to Alexandria Randolph for her recent award as Journalist of the Year! Her article in the April 30 edition, “Spotlight on child

How nauseating that RINO Sen. Richard Burr, as chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, is doing the bidding of vindictive Democrats in issuing a subpoena to Donald Trump Jr. Burr

Apprehensions on the southern border hit 109,144 in April, the highest in a decade, according to data compiled by the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol. It’s already larger than last

Now that Creepy Joe Biden thinks he has put to rest all the questions about his grabby hands, he has reverted to one of his old-time shticks: middle-class Joe. Champion

The Democrats and their media colluders are belching last gasps of impotent protest as their dreams of interfering with the 2016 presidential election come to a screeching halt. Through partisan