The presidential election: a work in progress

The media must be awfully forgiving. After four years of hammering home how suspect our election process is -- how vulnerable it is to meddling and interference -- they’re suddenly comfortable with it. What happened to the talking heads who insisted that tech glitches had impacted the Midwest votes in 2016? Or that our online systems had been hacked? Like magic, their suspicions have vanished.

My thoughts in a dark time

As there is too much to say in the space of one column, I will simply offer some thoughts on the state of the country, now more than a week after the 2020 elections.

Keep your eyes on the Senate

States are still counting votes in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nevada, Georgia and North Carolina. And with disputed deadlines currently allowing absentee ballots to still be received days after the election in Pennsylvania and North Carolina, it is simply too close to call the presidential race.

While it’s never a bad time to reflect on those willing to make the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our nation, it seems almost providential that Veterans Day falls a mere eight days after a presidential election, during a national pandemic and while many are feeling real pain.

My journalism journey ends

I have tried to think of something appropriate to say upon the end of this endeavor at saving Western civilization through journalism.

Facing up to the China threat

We are at risk of losing a war today because too few of us know we are engaged with an enemy, the Chinese Communist Party, that means to destroy us. The forces of globalism that have dominated our government until recently and our media for the better part of half a century have blinded too many Americans to the threat we face. If we do not wake up to the danger soon, we will find ourselves helpless.

Big Tech a serious threat to free speech

If you thought bipartisanship in Washington was dead, Wednesday’s Senate hearing should have made it clear: there’s one thing the two sides agree on, and that’s reining in Big Tech. They may have different motives, but Republicans and Democrats have news for America’s social media moguls -- the squirming has just begun. Unfortunately for conservatives, it will be too late. The damage in this election cycle has already been done.

Doctor-patient relationship, not insurance, will fix health care

Who is at the other end of the stethoscope? Sure, it may be your doctor listening intently. But who is making the decisions about your care? Is it you and your doctor, or do insurance functionaries have the real say? Anything that comes between the doctor and the patient is bad for health care.