Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement, leading to President Donald Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, has thrown progressives, the Democratic Party and the news media into an out-and-out

Towing experience ruins Spring Ho weekend I’m not usually one to complain. This is for anyone to do with Lampasas … be warned! What was a nice evening of walking

The Lowe family has added another little member to its growing clan. Grandchild number five – and grandson number four – was born July 7 to our son and his

The Canadian government, lining the pockets of its dairy producers, imposes high tariffs on American dairy imports. That forces Canadians to pay higher prices for dairy products. For example, Canadians

Into the slough, the swamp, the quagmire called 21st-century American life walks the prospective Supreme Court justice, Brett Kavanaugh: Lord help him, even while helping 21st-century America get its act

Each time Republicans do something Democrats do not like, Democrats escalate their rhetoric. The right is not immune from this, but the right is in power now, so conservatives have

Kudos to the Lampasas Fire Department, who answered my non-emergency call Monday night [July 9] when my smoke detector started alarming around 1:45 a.m. Four very gracious firemen came to

People on the left are outraged when you question their patriotism, their dedication to the nation as founded and their respect for the Constitution as originally written, but they continually

These are tough times for newspapers, particularly local papers that are still an integral part of their communities. They serve many vital functions, because no 24-hour news channel and no

Neat! We know what the Supreme Court debate is all about -- the debate, that is to say, over who shall take retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy’s seat. The debate is