Recently I attended a Robert O’Rourke rally, and it sounded like I was listening to Karl Marx. It was an hour of platitudes, leftwing slogans and outright lies. Our economy

No consent. No disclosure. No escape. For legions of unwitting students and teachers across the country, this is the dangerous, de facto data policy Google has imposed over their school

Ithink Dr. Christine Ford is blowing smoke and, further, that Judge Brett Kavanaugh is the moral superior of thousands who discount his word and declare him unfit for the Supreme

I moved out here in the country to my place 32 years ago. Do you know why anyone moves out into the country? Well, I can tell you why I

I am very concerned about the future of our state. May Texas bless God. Keith Ingram [Texas Secretary of State Election Division director] has failed Article 6. Sec. 2 by

We’ve long known that unelected leftist bureaucrats embedded in the bowels of the federal government have been lawlessly targeting conservatives and abusing their power to thwart the agenda of duly

Dirt is dirtier than clean is clean,” observes one of John O’Hara’s characters -- a history professor, I think -- remarking on the human race’s observed partiality for darkness and

Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s (D-Calif.) decision to sit for a little more than a month on an allegation of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, contradicted by a witness,