With seven straight days of measurable rain in the county through Sunday, precipitation totals are adding up. On Monday, Wendi Boylan Wulstein said Nix had gotten seven inches of rain

A truck-tractor semi-trailer hydroplaned Saturday about noon just northwest of town, went down a steep embankment and struck a large tree, authorities said.

The wreck at 12:07 p.m. was a half-mile south of County Road 1045 on U.S. Highway 183.

A tractor-trailer driven by a Lubbock man collided Sunday night with a Toyota sedan at North Key Avenue and East Avenue J. The intersection is near Stripes convenience store.

The mid-term elections – those for legislative offices that fall in the middle of the four-year presidential election cycle – are garnering significant attention this year. Scheduled to be on

APPRECIATION DINNER The Briggs Community Center will host its third annual First Responders and Law Enforcement Appreciation Dinner today at 7 p.m. A free barbecue meal will be offered. Members

Grace Fellowship will host an assistant Texas attorney general tonight for a presentation about social media and its connection to human trafficking. The public is invited to the presentation, which

Today marks the 17th anniversary of the attacks on the United States when terrorists hijacked four planes and crashed them into the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon

The Sept. 6 market report from Mills County Commission Co. follows. Total receipts: 1,956. Previous week: 2,113. Trends: Light kids $5-$10 higher. Slaughter kids steady; slaughter nannies $10-$15 higher; replacement


Charles Sprott, left, his wife Lanetta and Harlin Teague stand by the Sprotts’ station at the Barter, Exchange, Sell and Trade event Saturday at Lometa Regional Park. Despite low vendor