The utilities sector, as shown in a photo of M.C. Fonseca workers earlier this year, is one of the main job sectors to see growth in Central Texas and across the state.

Texas has experienced 29 straight months of employment growth, according to November job numbers released last Friday. The state’s seasonally adjusted unemployment in November was 3.7 percent, tying October’s figure

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Terry Reed stands in his downtown barber shop, which is decorated with numerous photos, postcards and antique items given to him over the years by his friends and customers.

From the long, “hippie”- style hair of some men in the 1960s to flat tops and the resurgence of beards, Terry Reed has seen many evolutions in style throughout his

Lometa kindergarten students entertain the Christmas program crowd with an Alvin and the Chipmunks song.

The Dec. 20 market report from Mills County Commission Co. follows.
Total receipts: 3,168. Previous week: 2,176.
Trends: Light kids steady. Slaughter kids and slaughter nannies steady; replacement nannies steady.

The report from the Dec. 19 Lampasas Cattle Auction follows.
Cattle and calves: Estimated receipts 478, compared to 390 last sale. 
Compared to last sale, feeder steers and heifers were $12-$15 higher. Slaughter cows and slaughter bulls were $5-$6 higher.