John O'Keefe

EDITOR’S NOTE: Patrol torpedo boat veteran and Lampasas County resident John O’Keefe, 96, wrote this column for PT Boats Inc., a nonprofit historical organization that has its headquarters in Germantown, Tennessee. O’Keefe asked the Dispatch Record to reprint this account from his service in the Pacific Theater during World War II.

Three Lampasas girls are at it again – the trio will set up a lemonade stand this week for charity.
Kalyn Mulcahy, Addie McDonald and Reagan McDonald will sell lemonade and homemade treats at their stand on Yellowstone Drive on Thursday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

During four decades with Lampasas ISD, Jan Klose has taught math, science, music, theater and art to more than 35,000 students. Sandy Holloman retired from Hanna Springs Elementary in May.

By Alexandria Randolph
Dispatch Record 

Lampasas native Jan Klose, who has four decades in teaching, has retired from Lampasas Middle School. Also, the Lampasas Independent School District has bid farewell to Sandy Holloman, an elementary teacher who has more than 30 years as an instructor. 

ALEXANDRIA RANDOLPH | DISPATCH RECORD Lampasas High School theater students Bryli Wilson, Katherine Henson and Cole Wheeler, left to right, teach young students, on right, at the Little Badger Theater Camp.

Lampasas High School theater students volunteered their time to help host the Little Badger Theater Camp camp last week.

DAVID LOWE | DISPATCH RECORD Daniel Herman Jr. rides a longboard in downtown Lampasas on his way to San Francisco.

South Carolina resident Daniel Herman Jr. is traveling the highways from Miami Beach to San Francisco -- with a stop this week in Lampasas -- but he is not trying to keep up with the rush of traffic.

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Lampasas County Area Go Texan awarded 2019 Lometa High School graduate Mason Moresco a $1,500 scholarship to continue his education. Moresco plans to attend Texas Tech University. Front row from

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On Tuesday, the Lampasas Volunteer Fire Department presented watches to former firefighter Bill Sanguinet, front center, for 25 years of service, and to Donnell Rathman, front right, for 70 years

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A great egret takes advantage of recent rainfall in a Kempner field as it searches for an afternoon meal. According to the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, the species almost