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Asia’s largest antelope calls northern India home. It now numbers about 40,000 in South Texas, according to some estimates, thanks to transplantation in the 1920s. This animal weighs as much as 600 pounds for the large bulls, which sport a beautiful bluish-graycolored hide.

Battlin’ Badger: Cameron Everts

Running Events MVP: Ace Whitehead

Field Events MVP: Case Brister

Newcomer of the Year: Jaylon Porter

High-point Individual: Everts

The Lampasas City Council voted unanimously Monday to reopen Hancock Park Golf Course, with several modifications in operational procedures.

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Eyan Skiles attempts a goal at home this season. Skiles was the Badgers’ lone player on the first-team all-district this season. The Badgers were fifth in the district, with four regulation wins, six regulation losses and one shootout loss. JEFF LOWE