Chasm widens between New York Times and the heartland

What comes of a nation whose newspaper of record publicly caves to overwhelming pressure and repudiates an opinion piece written by a duly elected national legislator who boasts degrees from the nation’s most famous educational institution, has undeniably relevant life experience on the subject and advances an argument supported by a majority of citizens? America is about to find out.

Cashing in on contact tracing

Look out. An “army of contact tracers” is about to be unleashed on America. Corporations, political lobbyists and government bureaucracies all win. Privacy, freedom and family autonomy all lose. Big time.

Back to the Mayflower Compact

An overlooked irony of these terrible, horrible, awful, no good, very bad times (as the great children’s author Judith Viorst would have described them) is the 5-4 Supreme Court decision last week upholding California’s restrictions on church attendance, the whole matter playing out on the sterile card table of constitutional law.

We are all aware of this coronavirus that is sweeping the world. We are all living this historical time. I know I in fact am scared of this virus. And yes, I am a Christian but as you know no matter Christian or not, race, political stand, rich or poor, this virus affects us all.

Some facts worth knowing about life in America

Imagine that you are an unborn spirit in heaven. God condemns you to a life of poverty but will permit you to choose the country in which you will spend your life. Which country would you choose? I would choose the United States of America.

The slow burn of America

When the mobs picked up guns and baseball bats and headed back into the streets [June 1], it was no longer about George Floyd. The chaos that’s erupting at dark has stopped telling his story -- and started telling ours as a lost and desperate country. “It’s OK to be angry,” George’s brother said. But the man in whose name policemen are being shot, cities are being burned, and businesses are being destroyed would have never wanted this. He was “about peace.” And if the rioters cared about justice, they would be, too.

Stop training Saudi Arabia’s jihad pilots

I’m glad the FBI was able to crack the iPhones of the Pensacola naval air base shooter, which confirmed that radicalized Royal Saudi Air Force 2 Lt.Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani had communicated with al-Qaida to carry out a “special operation.” Three young American patriots died in Alshamrani’s December 2019 attack. The more information we have to prevent the needless slaughter of U.S. military members on U.S. soil the better.