Ifirst ran into Heracliltus, a great Grecian shedder of tears, while writing in college about the fearful subject of change. Heraclitus opined, in answer to my query about human disruptions,

We can do better, Lampasas! Today [Nov. 11] is Veterans Day, so it may be appropriate for me to make a comment on the rights (and responsibilities) that so many

Officials should support citizens’ interests, not just a political party I’m just an old man without much influence on the politics of today’s world. I will always be an American,

We live in bizarro times. Suddenly, it is controversial to state obvious, neon-bright truths. It has become newsworthy to observe that illegal border-crossers who circumvent required medical screenings are a

If you don’t think the political left is conspiring to smear President Trump, his supporters and the GOP as racists, then you probably haven’t been paying close enough attention. I’m

Once more, the Jews are targets of unreasoning hatred. It’s “unreasoning” in that the irrationality, like the barbarity, of attacking the Jews should be patent to anyone with half a

More than 100,000 Texans came out to the Donald Trump-Ted Cruz rally last week in Houston, many waiting in line for days to get inside the venue, while the vast

We are going to reach the United States,” declares one Erasmo Duarte, as he and a couple of thousand would-be Americanos hike northward through Mexico toward the Promised Land --

Since 1919, Americans have paused to remember the service and sacrifice of the men and women who have defended the American way of life. Our veterans have served during peacetime