BLM’s perpetual fake outrage

Here we go again: Manufacture. Rinse. Repeat. Everyone knows the cycle. Everyone knows it ends with false and incomplete narratives eventually being debunked by actual facts. Everyone knows the racial mythmakers and political opportunists end up with fame, wealth and glory -- but never any criminal punishments or moral accountability. Everyone knows, yet on and on and on it goes.

Friends of Lampasas Animal Shelter execute 2020 vision

Conventional contrasts

There are two ways to approach a political campaign: you can run against someone, or you can stand for something. In the last five days, Americans have gotten a good look at both -- the Democrats, whose main argument for Joe Biden is “he’s not Trump,” and the Republicans, who are focusing on the clashing policies, not personalities. In a wild 2020, where nothing is predictable, at least one thing is clear: This is the year of political contrasts -- and the parties’ conventions are no exception.

Obama’s phony ‘bipartisan’ mask

I urge those who still indulge the fiction that former President Barack Obama is a uniter and great statesman to read the transcript of his Democratic convention speech with an open mind and discerning eye.

Back to academic brainwashing

Parents, legislators, taxpayers and others footing the bill for college education might be interested in just what is in store for the upcoming academic year. Since many college classes will be online, there is a chance to witness professors indoctrinating their students in real-time. So, there’s a chance that some college faculty might change their behavior. To see recent examples of campus nonsense and indoctrination, visit the Campus Reform and College Fix websites.

Give them hugs, and let them play

I still can’t get over the creepy spectacle of Dr. Marc Siegel, a New York University professor of medicine, vehemently hawking “No Hugs Please” buttons for all schoolchildren last week.

Time for moral pushback

Wheee! It’s election time. Let the invective start -- the execrations, the exaggerations and the expostulations. That’s what we do in 21st-century politics; we execrate, exaggerate, expostulate. What’s the point of the whole business otherwise? Our politicians are here to put bad people in their place -- meaning the people who oppose their own virtuous designs. We didn’t, as people and as a nation, used to see things this way, but more and more we seem to, and it alarms.

	U.S. economy produces 10 million jobs in three months

The U.S. economy produced between 1.35 million and 1.8 million jobs the month of July, bringing the total number of jobs created since April when labor markets bottomed with the federal and state governments in lockdown to combat the Chinese coronavirus to between 9.3 million and 10 million.

With selection of VP, Biden goes all in to defund police

Former Vice President Joe Biden has selected U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-California) as his running mate and presumptive Democratic Party nominee for vice president in the 2020 election, as the Biden campaign goes all in on the defund the police issue.