Leftist rioters cannot be placated

How do we make sense of the nonstop craziness going on in our society? Is there a common denominator, or is it all happening randomly?

Vegas and the Supreme Court make strange bet fellows

If there's one thing Americans have learned from the Supreme Court in 2020, it's this: there are no guarantees. Even now, after a slew of bad decisions, conservatives wanted to believe that when it comes to religious liberty, even Chief Justice John Roberts couldn't get that wrong. Well, think again. When it comes to siding with the Constitution, even Vegas will tell you -- don't bet on Roberts.

Focus on overall health to reduce risk of complications from COVID-19

Although COVID-19 information is incomplete and often unreliable, we can still sift out the somewhat limited reliable information to reach sound and helpful conclusions. Knowing that the disease is fatal to some people, permanently harmful to others, temporarily harmful to still others and inconsequential to the remainder, we should ask “Why the difference?” Why do some die from COVID-19, and others remain completely -- and blissfully -- unaware they have even been infected? Is it luck?

A veep of faith?

Based on his comments, Joe Biden’s never had much use for evangelicals. As far as he’s concerned, they’re “virulent people,” the “dregs of society.” But those “dregs” also vote. And Joe’s hoping they’ll forget what he’s said and the policies he pushed long enough to support him.

Students’ futures at risk without choice of in-person schooling

In a recent poll, parents’ top concern was whether their children will miss in-person school instruction time. And they have good reason to be concerned, as 67% of teachers said completion rates of student assignments were worse than with inperson instruction.

National debt up $3.3 trillion since start of year

The national debt has skyrocketed by $3.3 trillion since the beginning of 2020 amid record spending by Congress in response to the China-originated COVID-19 pandemic that forced states to shut down their economies as businesses large and small, critical industries, state and local governments, and the American people were given massive financial assistance.

Commentary draws remarks

New York Times stalks Tucker Carlson family

At the close of the cable news show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” July 20, 2020, Tucker had the strangest ending that I have ever heard a news anchor announce. I could feel his fear for his family.

One nation under anarcho-tyranny

The America you grew up in is not the America we live in now. One nation under God? Ha. Land of the free? Ha. Domestic tranquility? Ha. Equal protection under the law? Ha. The right to bear arms? Ha. Freedom of speech? Association? Peaceable assembly? Ha. Ha. Ha.