During the walk-up to Memorial Day, with its evocations of respect for fallen warriors, hypercharged Dallas found time to stick out a very official tongue at, you see, the wrong

With his latest blockbuster, “Unfreedom of the Press,” Mark Levin presents a unique indictment of the liberal media today. It is sweepingly comprehensive, covering the history of the American press

President Donald Trump on May 16 unveiled his immigration reform plan that would secure the border, place an emphasis on merit-based migration and limit family chain migration. These changes are

Presidential contenders are in a battle to out-give one another. Senator Elizabeth Warren proposes a whopping $50,000 per student college loan forgiveness. Senator Bernie Sanders proposes free health care for

We no longer live in a constitutional republic. We live in an idiocracy. Only in modern-day America, under the Democratic-controlled U.S. House of Representatives, is the basic proposition that federally

Alabama’s mostly Republican lawmakers and governor passed a strong abortion ban last week, and liberals are fit to be tied. “Today, I signed into law the Alabama Human Life Protection

It’s a funny thing about “culture.” It changes. That’s because people die and new ones get born, and along the way Things happen, events of one kind and another --

Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Economics at Ohio University Richard Vedder’s new book, “Restoring the Promise,” published by the Independent Institute based in Oakland, California, is about the crisis in higher

Reader offers appreciation for reporter, recent stories Congratulations to Alexandria Randolph for her recent award as Journalist of the Year! Her article in the April 30 edition, “Spotlight on child