President Donald Trump and the first lady’s graceful tribute to the late George H.W. Bush underscored, a little awkwardly, one reason for the tone and fragrance of all the obituary

Let’s not use labels on others Recently in this paper a writer accused a person running for national office of being a communist. The political writers for this paper accused

It’s with joyful and humble hearts that we say a grateful thanks for being selected as the grand marshals of the 2018 Carol of Lights parade. What fun it was!

Says the cartoon boxer, lying flat on the canvas, to the towering, glowering brute who put him there: “At last. I gotcha where I wantcha.” It could be like that

End of era in Copperas Cove Forty-two years ago, the Meirs house at 207 N. Fifth St. was purchased and became the home of Topsey Road Mercantile. It and the

A“progressive” rap on “social conservatives”: All they crave is power to tell you whom to sleep with, and how, and what god (if any) to worship. This contrasts, naturally, with