Democrats doom their own debate

One overarching truth emerged from the cacophonous Democratic debate last week: The Democrats haven’t got game. They’re floundering. They’re lost. And they’re coming up short.

Drag Queen Hour resistance rises

The Boy Scouts of America filed for bankruptcy last week amid a deluge of sex-abuse lawsuits. The Catholic clergy’s pedophilia conspiracies have cost the church more than $3 billion and countless followers. Scandal after scandal shows how cunning child predators have exploited trusted civic institutions under cover of “diversity,” “inclusion” and “progressivism.”

A start-over job for the ERA

One immense reason for our present political entanglements -- would it be OK to say “messes”? -- is the lately acquired political habit of addressing every possible human problem through politics.

Political bias and anti-Americanism on our college campuses

A recent Pew Research Center survey finds that only half of American adults think colleges and universities are having a positive effect on our nation. The leftward political bias, held by faculty members affiliated with the Democratic Party, at most institutions of

	Rush Limbaugh: champion of conservatism

I am uniquely blessed to be Rush Limbaugh’s brother, and I am blessed to be witnessing firsthand the outpouring of love and prayers from his friends and fans. I could fill a book with the well-wishes I’ve received. I sent Rush a link to my “mentions” column on Twitter so he could scroll through it and see for himself what he means to so many people. These tender expressions of goodwill are uplifting and spiritually affirming. God is at work, and however this plays out, God is good, something Rush has been saying repeatedly in the last few weeks, despite his difficult circumstances. Many of the messages he has received have brought him to tears, which is not typical for him. These are sobering times. When Rush began his nationally syndicated radio show, the liberal media monopolized television news, and his show became an oasis and a lifeline for millions who felt their voices had been ignored. He gave them a sense of community, as they came to realize that the principles they believed in, their love for America and its founding ideas, were still commonly held.

	Green New Deal would come at high cost to America’s future

Are the American people about to vote to destroy their way of life? If socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vermont) is elected, his utopian promise to implement a 10- year Soviet-style Gosplan to end oil and gas consumption —the Green New Deal—will radically transform the U.S. economy, and possibly leave America in the dark and cold. The plan, according to Sanders’

	Tyranny of fake journalism

Beware of character assassins masquerading as “journalists.” This is a lesson America should have learned after the mass media defamation of the Covington Catholic schoolboys last year. Just a few weeks ago, innocent teenager

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In any “stupidest” or “most worthless” contest, America can confidently put its money on the impeachment mess. What frivolity. What junk. What an irredeemable waste of valuable time.