Sgt. Stephen Bynum of the Texas Department of Public Safety in Lampasas oversees nine state troopers in four counties: Lampasas, Mills, San Saba and Hamilton.
He recommends the following to help avoid crashes on wet roadways.
• Avoid driving during adverse weather conditions if possible.
• Keep vehicle in good condition, including windshield wipers and tires. Insufficient tire tread depth often is a factor in crashes on rain-slick roadways.
• If you must drive on rain-slick roadways, reduce vehicle speed. This is the single most important thing one can do to reduce the risk of a crash.
• Watch out for other vehicles that might cause a crash. Look far down the roadway for signs of out-of-control vehicles. The more time you have to react, the better the chance of avoiding a crash.
• Never use cruise control when driving on slick surfaces.
• Avoid hard or sudden acceleration, as this can cause the vehicle to lose traction.
• Traffic lanes sometimes have low spots or ruts that hold water. Avoid these areas by shifting the vehicle position in the traffic lane. Drive on “high spots” when possible.
• If your vehicle begins to lose traction, take your foot off the gas and gently apply the brakes. Turn into a skid to regain control of the vehicle. Avoid oversteering and hard braking.
• If driving and a rainstorm develops, find a safe place to pull off the roadway and wait. Most storms pass quickly, and you then can safely resume driving.