Let Rosenstein do his job

The charade of impeaching Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had better not go anywhere in the House. I will be watching how Representative Roger Williams votes (though I hope it never makes it to the floor). If he cares a fig for rule of law and an independent Department of Justice, he will vote against this despicable move by so-called Freedom Caucus leaders. They are corrupt and lying. I see them on the news, and even I can recognize their duplicity. Williams should do the right thing for the nation and let the Special Counsel continue his job under Rosenstein’s aegis. He is a Trump appointee for cripes’ sake!

Chriss Echlin Lampasas

Help with recent fire

Thank you [to passersby] Mrs. Mauro and Mr. Lowe for calling 911 the minute you saw the fire start on the roadside. Your quick action enabled the firefighters to contain the wild brush fire on our place along U.S. 190 to only several acres. Thank you to firefighters and all other volunteers.

John and Leah Snell Lampasas