In a meeting last week, the Lampasas County Commissioners Court approved one jail construction change order and denied another. The court unanimously OK'd a change that will save the county


Hunters and parks officials are seeking the passage of a measure that would close a tax allocation loophole in state park funding. Proposition 5, if approved, would amend the Texas

EARLY VOTING Early voting for the state constitutional amendment election began Monday and continues each weekday through Nov. 1. The early voting site is the county elections administrator’s office, 407

The report from the Oct. 16 Lampasas Cattle Auction follows. Cattle and calves: Total cattle 335, compared to 661 last sale. No sale was held at this time last year.

The Oct. 17 market report from Mills County Commission Co. follows. Total receipts: 1,969. Previous week: 2,262. Trends: Light kids $5-$10 higher. Slaughter kids $10 higher; slaughter nannies $10 higher;

With officials saying county funds are tight, the Lampasas County Commissioners Court voted Tuesday to take no action on one funding request and to deny another. One request was for