The Oct. 17 market report from Mills County Commission Co. follows. Total receipts: 1,969. Previous week: 2,262. Trends: Light kids $5-$10 higher. Slaughter kids $10 higher; slaughter nannies $10 higher;

With officials saying county funds are tight, the Lampasas County Commissioners Court voted Tuesday to take no action on one funding request and to deny another. One request was for

SQUARED SILLY--CORRECTION A Briefly item in the Oct. 15 edition listed the wrong start time for Squared Silly. Vision Lampasas will host the annual celebration Oct. 26 from 5-7:30 p.m.

Starting next week, voters may cast ballots for or against 10 proposed state constitutional amendments. Details about the proposals were in the Oct. 8 and 11 editions.

Lampasas County 27th District Court convened last week with Judge John Gauntt presiding over the day’s hearings. Defendant Henry Torrez Sanchez of Lampasas received a punishment of 153 days in

Lampasas County grand jury met Wednesday as a continuation of its July term. Inv. Matt Barnes and Inv. David Thorp of the Lampasas County Sheriff’s Office brought information that led

The following arrests were reported to the Lampasas Dispatch Record by area law enforcement officials. The Dispatch Record prints the name and charge(s) of people arrested on at least one