On Saturday, May 12 the U.S. Postal Service conducted their “Stamp Out Hunger” campaign as they do every year on Mother’s Day weekend. This year the Lampasas Mission was the


I enjoyed Sports Editor Jeff Lowe’s article “Former Badger coach authors second book.” I would like to point out an important fact that was incorrect. The article stated that the

Another early voting period begins? Another election approaches? More candidates seeking our votes? What are we voting for this time? After political parties’ primaries were held in early March, followed

Before the massive growth of our welfare state, private charity was the sole option for an individual or family facing insurmountable financial difficulties or other challenges. How do we know

Liar,” “wacko,” “immoralist” -- the reproaches Donald Trump endures, or rejoices in, are numberless. And let’s not forget “authoritarian,” an echo of leading political players stretching back to Julius Caesar.

Misleading information I am writing to respond to the flier put out about Scott Cosper fighting for low property taxes and claiming Brad Buckley supports high taxes. Skyrocketing property taxes

The basic meaning of the Bill Cosby verdict -- as we hear and receive it --is that the female accusers of male boors and cads and abusers are finally getting

Michelle Wolf is not the first socalled comic to maliciously insult conservatives and Republicans at a White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, but she was intentionally mean-spirited, and even after the

Just within the past week or so, some shocking professorial behavior has come to light. In the wake of Barbara Bush’s death, California State University, Fresno professor Randa Jarrar took

Endorsement letter shows poor judgment I am very disappointed that, in the upcoming election, Lampasas City officials and other officials of public non-profit organizations have publicly endorsed a candidate. Such