This is Troy Neville. I am in Coryell County Jail because [two individuals] have told the law I was going to pay to have my ex-wife Rebecca Neville and her sister Sammy Bailey killed. I want it to be known that these people robbed me between the two for over $60,000 in tools, cash and equipment. This was all done a year or longer prior to them saying I tried to pay to kill someone.

I went to Lampasas County Sheriff’s Office about this and they did nothing about it. I have been harassed by Lampasas law enforcement.

[These two individuals] stole my stuff and were trading it for meth. I had a video of this proving all of this when they admitted it. I posted all of this online and no one did anything. Instead I was arrested for the same charge three times. Six vehicles stolen, almost a year in jail, I have had my lawyer – a paid one – and court-appointed one come talk to me zero times. I am ignored by even my lawyers.

I did not do anything at all. In three years I made zero attempts to even contact my exwife. The Texas Ranger who arrested me has harassed me for a couple years. He arrested my fiancé for perjury. She did nothing. He even told her it’s best if she does not talk to me, I am not a very good person. He has no right. He does not know me. I filed a complaint against him and Sammy Bailey who are friends.

The confidential informant that he has on my case is a convicted felon on parole who robbed me, showed up to my fiance’s house bragging and waving a .40 caliber pistol he took from his mom.

I am not the best person in the world. I never hurt or laid a hand on my family. Ever. I never would. This all starts when I start reporting all the stuff happening to me, and when I posted online what the Lampasas County Sheriff’s Office and police have done, most of all not done.

These people who robbed me now face going back to prison for violation of parole. Well the rest is obvious. They know the police will not help me. They have clearly showed that and told me. I have lost everything I own and still my lawyers won’t talk to me.

I wrote Lampasas County Sheriff’s Office about the things they took out of my vehicle they impounded and another they took. I will let you know the response. A LCSO investigator took titles to my vehicles out of glove box. I had to find out because a wrecker driver told me. I was arrested by Lampasas County Sheriff’s Office on a probation violation. They said I did not report a change of address in 48 hours of moving. I never moved to have to report. Still I am in jail on that as well. I was not out even a full month.

The Texas Ranger said he thinks I was gonna pay to kill my ex-wife and her sister. He said he was gonna let grand jury decide. Well, the date and time on indictment was before my interview. I heard the Ranger was also part of the arrest of the district clerk when the refrigerator at the courthouse was stolen. I think the clerk said he thought it was to get him out of his job. I understand now from a source that the ones in position for that job are friends of this same Ranger. Sammy Bailey, chief of police in Lampasas, is friends with this same Ranger. I have filed complaints against the Ranger as well as Sammy Bailey.

I am allowed to be robbed and ignored by all of Lampasas law. Then I am arrested and held like this and not one lawyer will talk to me. I got a letter to my fiancé explaining all of this, then this same Ranger arrests her then tries to scare her saying not to talk to me and I am not a good person.

I asked for the newspaper address in Lampasas. They gave me an address a month later. My letter marked out that the address the law in Gatesville gave me was Lampasas Sheriff’s Office address. So they are giving me addresses wrong. Also, you put my story already. I sent it out through someone else because every legal letter I send or receive in here is opened and read. My civil rights have been violated in every way, and I can’t get out to anyone.

I also know that a former law enforcement official in Gatesville was also arrested by this same Texas Ranger. I heard he just wrote a book and is about to be published that has a lot of details as well.

I have reported and wrote letters about what’s happening to me and all my stuff stolen, and I have got nothing but being ignored or people scared. My sister has a text from this same Texas Ranger from over a year and a half ago about me. He has had a problem with me since I reported Chief Bailey and himself. I did not do anything. I know that these people are using their positions for their own good. I will not stop until I get my name cleared on this and justice done for the ones guilty.

I want to see my kids. [They] do not deserve this. I love them very much. I need them to know this. I wrote Lampasas County Sheriff’s Office a letter wanting to know why they ignored me. Let’s see if I get a response. I’ll send you a copy of the letter to the Lampasas sheriff.

Troy Neville