Editor's note:

We asked second-grade students from Lampasas ISD elementary schools what activities their family does on Thanksgiving Day. Here are some of the responses. For more, see the Nov. 20 print edition of the Lampasas Dispatch Record.


Frist, we play rook. then we go out sid and we play ballyball. and my cousins come. and we help make chis and dip. and nest, we help make thanksgiving foods. fink, we have mash patatose and turky and bred. and we make up joske and we laugh and laugh!

- Ever Richardson, Hanna Springs Elementary


On Thanksgiving my family goes hunting for turkey and then I go to my grandmas.  I play football with my cousins!

- Chaz Marez, Hanna Springs Elementary


On Thanksgiving my dad and I play football!

- Jacen Kent