A Lampasas County Sheriff's Office deputy halted a suspected scam attempt Monday in which a person allegedly tried to defraud an 89-year-old man of $12,000.

The sheriff's office offered the following details in a press release.

On Monday at approximately 2 p.m., LCSO Deputy Johnny Arellano received a call regarding an alleged scam that targeted a Lampasas County resident.

The man said he had been contacted by telephone by a person who claimed to be his grandson in Florida. The caller convinced the would-be victim that he had been arrested and asked the Lampasas County man to mail him $12,000 as soon as possible.

The man secured the $12,000 and went to a local business to send the money.

Upon further consideration, the man believed the call might have been a scam, so he contacted the sheriff’s office. Arellano quickly determined the incident to be fraudulent criminal activity commonly practiced by scammers.

The deputy advised the would-be victim to go to the business and attempt to stop shipment of the mailed monies.

The deputy was able to intercept the parcel containing the $12,000 just as the delivery truck was loading. The shipment was stopped, and all monies were returned to the local man.

"Had it not been for the quick thinking and action taken by Deputy Arellano, a Lampasas resident would have been scammed out of his $12,000," the press release stated.

Sheriff Jess Ramos noted that in November, Arellano's peers voted him Sheriff Deputy of the Year.