I see in the Democrat resolutions article [April 3 Lampasas Dispatch Record], they remain the far-left extremist party they have always been.

They want to take guns away from law-abiding citizens. Over a million times a year armed citizens use a firearm to prevent a criminal attack. Millions of Americans own and responsibly use firearms, but Democrats fear an armed populace. What is it you want to do to this nation that makes you want to disarm the populace first?

They want bogus left-wing courses taught in our schools. They want our schools to install solar panels which are of dubious value and would soak the taxpayers. But then the economic destruction of taxpayers has never been an issue Democrats were concerned about.

They want to destroy the oil and gas industry that fuels our economy. We all have seen the destruction those policies created under Obama.

However, there are some things Democrats do stand for. They are proponents of perversion and want it taught in our schools. They believe in the destruction of the traditional family. They absolutely worship the murder of babies, an American holocaust comparable to the Nazi holocaust in the numbers of victims murdered.

This extremist party endorses the illegal invasion of our country by foreign invaders. This country has been greatly damaged by this invasion, and to support it is nothing less than treason. You cannot have a country without borders. They oppose any efforts to reverse this invasion such as Senate Bill 4.

The principles the Democrat Party stands for come straight from Karl Marx. You cannot call yourself a moral person or loyal American and be a Democrat.

Donald N. Baker