The LISD board meeting, standingroom only, which was held Monday evening [April 2] has prompted this letter.

During the open forum, several persons spoke in support of a teacher being considered for contract non-renewal. This teacher, who is completing the third year of a probationary period, has had much student success at Lampasas High School. He also has had excellent teacher evaluations. It appears the issue for dismissal from his contract is a difference of opinion on classroom leadership skills.

Even if probationary status means no cause is needed for non-renewal of a teacher’s contract, is it right for the LISD board to disregard all the facts? Lt. Col. Daryl Hurst is a retired Marine officer with a career in leading young men and women to perform at highest standards. He does know what he is doing.

A reminder to the community and current members on the LISD board: Past history of issues very similar to this resulted in decisions supporting the administration and disregarding any supplementary information. The results were that the administrator(s) moved on in a short period of time (by choice or other action). The decision made in support of Administration had no positive impact on the school. Those not supported by the boards endured and have remained to be among the more active citizens in the Lampasas community.

Without a doubt, when the board’s main approach is to be “politically correct” or do “what’s expected,” an injustice is likely to occur. An injustice not only to the individual but also to others closely involved, as well as the Lampasas community.

H.R. Hollister

Lt. Col. (retired) U.S. Army

LHS teacher, retired