Lampasas Police Department is warning residents not to give out any information in phones calls that appear to originate from the department. 
In a social media post, police officials warned that scammers reportedly have used a police administration line to reach out to area residents. 
“We have been made aware that a scammer has ‘spoofed’ one of our admin phone numbers and is using the phone number to attempt to sell credit cards,” officials said. 
Assistant Chief of Police Jody Cummings said a citizen called the police department to report that the LDP’s own administration line had been “spoofed.” 
Spoofing is the practice of causing the telephone network to indicate to the receiver of a call that the originator is a number other than the true originating number. The phone number used was 512-556-9718.
Numbers can be appropriated through a cell phone app, he said. Once a resident answers the call, the person is asked to give valuable information under the pretense of purchasing a credit card, Cummings added. 
“Don’t give out any information over the phone,” he warned.
If a citizen doubts the origin of a phone call, “ask for the caller’s name, and dial the number back,” Cummings added. “When you call the business, it will go back to the true number.” 
Residents who receive a call purporting to come from any Lampasas Police Department phone number regarding the sale of a credit card, or any other product, should know this call is not from the LPD, authorities said. Do not give any information to the caller, officials advised.