Lampasas Police Department is currently investigating a credit card skimmer found on a Valero gas pump Thursday morning.
At 6:10 a.m., an officer who was attempting to fill up his vehicle at the gas station at 207 Key Avenue was notified by employees not to do so because it looked as though it had been tampered with. 
The pump was examined and a skimming device was found inside.
At this time, Lampasas Police do not believe that any personal information was compromised. Investigators are working with Valero to identify a vehicle of interest which was seen on video. The driver may be either a suspect or a witness, Boswell said.
Lampasas Police are also in the process of contacting all the gas stations in the city to notify them and request they inspect their pumps.
Those with any information about this crime or those who feel their bank and/or credit card account has been compromised in relation to this information should contact the Lampasas Police Department at 512-556-3644.

Those who see a pump with tamper-proof tape which is broken should notify the store employees and authorities, police said.