Misleading information

I am writing to respond to the flier put out about Scott Cosper fighting for low property taxes and claiming Brad Buckley supports high taxes. Skyrocketing property taxes is exactly why Buckley is running against Cosper.

Let’s examine what Cosper has actually done as a legislator. He opposed the common sense property tax reforms passed by the Senate. He supported Joe Straus who is a champion of the liberal agenda and who vehemently opposed meaningful tax reform. He argued against a lower threshold for rollback elections.

This self-proclaimed champion of the taxpayer voted for HB 486, which stripped the right of rollback elections over excessive tax hikes in some school districts. He voted for taxing nursing home beds. Why should the elderly have to pay a tax for being in a nursing home?

His motto is “Fights for us. Wins for us.” Absolutely not true. It should read “Fights to continue excessive taxation.” It is for good reason he was recalled from the Killeen City Council over spending issues.

Excessive taxation is a major problem in this district, and it will not improve as long as Cosper is our representative.

Noel Dannheim