Endorsement letter shows poor judgment

I am very disappointed that, in the upcoming election, Lampasas City officials and other officials of public non-profit organizations have publicly endorsed a candidate.

Such just happened when Mayor Misti Talbert sent out a letter of endorsement of Scott Cosper. She also included many others who are endorsing Mr. Cosper and included elected officials’ titles or organization affiliations. That’s wrong and unethical. Elected officials should never use their positions to endorse a candidate. Certainly there is nothing wrong with them endorsing privately as an individual -- but not in their official capacities.

In visiting with Mayor Talbert, she disclaimed that her letter was representative of the city. However, when she writes a letter under her official title as Mayor and signed by her as Mayor, she is in effect representing the city.

My name was used as an endorsement, and with my permission, but with strong understanding that my association with Lampasas County Retired Teachers would not be used. That was violated. I’ve received an apology from Scott Cosper but can only retract that error through this editorial.

The Mayor expressed to me that the last page of endorsements was not hers but was produced by the Cosper campaign. Well, when she sends it out with her letter of endorsement, then she “owns it” and must be held responsible.

It seems, in our political times, there is a lack of good judgment in making sure actions are ethical and beyond reproach. Shame, shame! I’m sure all of these involved are good people, but please recognize your ethical responsibilities. That’s the only way you gain and maintain the public trust.

Jerry Christian