Cannot override state law

I am writing regarding the article in the Feb. 16 Dispatch Record pertaining to the actions on the part of the district clerk and his obtaining a county credit card.

On page 9, Mr. Reed’s statement regarding the authorization of the card is: “That is incorrect. The credit card is mine and is tied to my credit. I’m the responsible party for the card, regardless of the charges. I have violated no county policy I’m aware of.” Those words indict him.

When he used the county’s EIN number to obtain a personal credit card, he used the good faith and credit of the county. This is a violation of Texas Statutes (Article 3 Section 52 of the Texas Constitution), whether authorized or not. Mr. Reed should have used his Social Security number to obtain a personal credit card. The county judge (if in fact he did approve it) cannot override state law.

All the actions of the district clerk reflect on the clerk’s integrity and ethics. These qualities are not learned. Either you have them or you don’t.

Jack N. Clark