Around the 1st of May I received a phone call on my cell. I didn’t recognize the number, but I answered. The man was very polite and seemed be genuine.

He told me he was calling from Publishers Clearing House and wanted to know how I felt about winning $950,000. And I needed a pen and paper to write his name and these confirmation numbers down. Then I needed to go Walmart to get some kind of card to send him the tax money. Then I asked [him] to take the tax money, and they could just give me the rest. It was a scam. But don’t worry, I didn’t fall for it -- knowing my parents had unfortunately been the victims of this the year before.

Then the next day I was at my dad’s. He received a call about his vehicle warranty telling him his warranty was no good. Well, he was making my dad very upset thinking his warranty that he pays for every month was no good.

So I asked my dad if I could talk to them. He handed me the phone. Man, this guy was so pushy. He was determined my dad would pay him money, and he would stop my dad’s other warranty and get all my dad’s money back. I finally had to just hang up on him.

Well, today my dad called me upset, his voice – well, you would just have to hear how upset he was. He received a call saying the IRS was suing him.

The IRS will not call you. They will mail notices to you. I told my dad [this scam] was on the news a while back. He just had forgotten about that.

It is sad these scammers seem to target older people.

So today he received more calls from that vehicle warranty man. I tried calling the number back. Guess what! I got an older woman who had gotten several calls from people wanting to know why she was trying to sell their parents a warranty. And she was upset. She sits for an elderly person. Somehow they are able to use other numbers to show up on your caller ID.

I turned it into the police department. Then Officer Warren Scott was very nice. He took down the report and talked to my dad about not giving out numbers such as Social Security or bank account. And have the phone number blocked. He also said it seems to be the scam time of year. A lot of them are going around right now.

So please be careful, and hang up on these scammers. Don’t let yourself be their next victim.

Sharon Carrigan