EDITOR’S NOTE: The Lampasas Dispatch Record asked Lampasas ISD elementary schools to share a few “Letters to Santa Claus” from local first-graders. Letters from Hanna Springs Elementary and Kline Whitis Elementary students follow. Letters from Taylor Creek Elementary students will be printed in an upcoming edition.


Dear Santa You’er osome. I hope you Do not get me coall. I wanta Nraf gun that is vary, vary, vary power foll. Cotter want’s a nintindo swich. LiyLa want’s a scoter. ho Santa tell me how you’r rindear are doing. Love Cutter

Dear Santa How is Mrs Cloths doing. I Want to pet boxer. I Want toy handcuffs tell The elvs I Sind hi do you Want a big or small glass of milk. I hope that you hay a good Christmas. marry Christas. I hope are not cold. Love George

Dear Sahta I Love you. Are you good? Sahta you are the Best. How is mis claus? How is your randeer? Your Elfs aer. Very Quiyit. My mom once choclit and I onet BABy MoNKEY and PRIVAH EYE Book and Rollrskats. Love, Hadie. Dear Santa, How are the reindeer? How are the elves? How is Rudolph? How are you? When is your birthday? Is it snowing? I whan e ornamenets. my mommy wents a Sonicscroodriver. Love Mithaniel

Deur Santa, How is rotof ? I thank I was good because I was not as rood as last yer. Well you bring my mom ples a charm that remis her of me? for my Dad ples bring hem a new cofeymakeer. Ples bring a batcave for sutton. Will you bring me a hodey and a nakliss? thank you Love, Whitley Young


Dear Santa, I wut all the Pokemon. I wunt to have a remote cor. I wunt to have a dog for my dog to play with for Christmas. I wunt a hapey famley. From Joshua

Dear Santa, I Wont a X box. Also a Scitl masheen. Also a chrima tret. Thant you santa cox. Hav a marey Christmas Santa. From, Jesse

Dear Santa, I hope theat you had a grate yeer. I wont candee. I wont playdoe. I wont Slime. I wont dolls. I wont more slime. I wont lost kites. I wont more cande. I wont more playdoe. I wont more dolls. I want more slime. From Ryla

Dear Santa, Hello! how are your reindeer? How is Rudolph? I am so very excited from Christmas! Thank you Santa for always bringing presents. I love them! I wont a Scrufluf on Christmas. I love Christmas. Have a safe flight! Love, Kinslee Abbott Dear Santa, How do your reindeer fly? I am super excited adout Christmas! ThanK you for being kind. may I have a xdox 360 and a tablit and clay. Love Axcel Gonzales

Dear Santa, I think You are real. But All I wunt for Christmas is Just my family to be hape. From Judah

Dear Santa, How are you doing? Can I’ve been good. Can I pleaSe have a scooter and Pokemon cards and a helmit. From, Wesley

Dear Santa, I’ve been good all year. How are you doing today? Please bring me Nintendo Swich cards, Mine craft, Lego set. From, Jax

Dear Santa, I’ve been good this year. I would like a drone and a I pad and a Minecraf action figure and a Minecraft Lego set. From, Colton

Dear Santa, Hi How are you and the reindeer doing? I am happy for chrismas! Thank you santa for alwways bringing presns I want lipstic and a mikr fon and a star. Love Eva Lowe

Dear Santa, Hello How are your reindeer? I am so happy. Santa. I love yoe. I want a big video game. Thank you for the gfit. Love, Ian Neal