By Alexandria Randolph
and David Lowe

Dispatch Record
A 13-year old from Kempner was arrested Wednesday after law enforcement officials alleged he sent threatening messages and images possibly involving the threat of a firearm at Lampasas Middle School.
On Wednesday at 6:12 p.m., the Lampasas County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a juvenile who said a classmate at Lampasas Middle School had posted threatening messages online. 
“It was a post on social media,” Lampasas ISD Superintendent Dr. Chane Rascoe said. 
The Lampasas Police Department received a similar report, so officers from the police department and sheriff’s office met with the caller, officials said.
Police told Rascoe the threats were “nonspecific” in nature, meaning there was no direct threat of impending violence toward any student, staff member or campus, but “they felt it was concerning enough that action needed to be taken,” he said.
After interviewing the caller, LCSO went to a Kempner residence, where officers made contact with the 13-year-old suspect and his father.
The sheriff’s office detained the juvenile and requested the Lampasas County Juvenile Probation Office’s assistance in finding a juvenile detention facility in which to place the suspect.
The teenager was charged with exhibition or threat of exhibition of firearms, a Class A misdemeanor. The suspect was booked in and detained at the Bell County Juvenile Detention Center in Killeen.
Rascoe said the district has not taken any action yet.
“He [the student] will remain in custody and once he gets out, we will determine what to do from a school standpoint,” he said. 
He added that for parents, “now is the time to talk with your kids about being careful on social media. Any threat is foolish and will lead to major consequences.”
An investigation by LCSO continues.
Rascoe thanked law enforcement agencies for their quick action.
“Lampasas Police Department and our sheriff’s department took immediate action investigating the report and have taken the appropriate action to address the issue,” Rascoe said. “We commend our police and sheriff’s departments for their hard work and effort dealing with this issue and all they do to help keep our schools and community safe.”