2012-03-20 / Letters

'Animal rights' organizations

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is a radical animal rights organization that advocates for the ending of all fur and leather use, meat and dairy consumption, and fishing, hunting and trapping activities. Other similar groups with benign-sounding names have as their goal that no human will own any animal, because they believe “animals have a right to live free.”

A recent guest editorial in Ranch & Rural Living magazine raised an important point about the proliferation of these PETA-type groups claiming to be concerned with “animal welfare” and “animal rights.” This is something Lampasas County residents should be informed about, since it represents a growing threat to agriculture.

Editorial author Nancy Green says groups like the Humane Society of the United States have stolen the good name of the local Humane Society which actually cares for animals. The national organization uses very little of its budget to support local animal welfare groups, but instead has hired lawyers and lobbyists to bring agriculture, animal sporting (such as hunting and horse racing) and even pet ownership to an end, she writes.

Ms. Green also says these radical animal rights groups have started to use legislation that regulates “puppy mills” as a means to seek loopholes to try to end cattle production. She cites Missouri as a state where this anti-puppy mill effort has raised concerns about future regulation of agricultural industries.

I would encourage local residents to investigate these groups more carefully before falling for their ad campaigns that mask the true intent of “animal rights” organizations.

George Herrmann

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