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Republicans fare well in county

By DAVID LOWE Staff Writer

Mike Conaway Democrat Barack Obama on Tuesday night claimed the presidency with 349 electoral votes to John McCain's 163, but McCain and other Republicans won by large margins in Lampasas County.

North Carolina and Missouri, which total 26 electoral votes, remained undecided at press time.

McCain won Texas with 4,467,748 votes, or 55 percent, to Obama's 3,521,164 votes -- 44 percent of the state total. Libertarian Bob Barr claimed 56,398 votes statewide, less than 1 percent of the total.

In Lampasas County, McCain claimed 5,628 votes, compared to Obama's 1,895 and Barr's 68. A handful of voters cast ballots for certified write-in candidates, as Ralph Nader got six votes, Alan Keyes earned three, Chuck Baldwin received two votes, and Cynthia McKinney got one.

Lampasas County recorded 61 percent voter turnout, as 7,759 of the 12,636 registered voters cast a ballot.

In the U.S. Senate race, Republican John Cornyn retained his seat with a 55 percent to 43 percent victory over Democrat Rick Noriega. Cornyn claimed 4,326,639 votes in Texas, compared with Noriega's 3,383,890 votes and Libertarian Yvonne Adams Schick's 184,729 -- which equaled about 2 percent of the state total.

Gail Lowe Cornyn did even better in Lampasas County, claiming 5,596 votes to Noriega's 1,693 for a 75 percent to 23 percent victory. Ms. Schick tallied 3 percent of the county vote.

Republican Gail Lowe, State Board of Education incumbent in District 14, defeated Democrat Edra Bogle 65 percent to 31 percent, with Libertarian John E. Shuey claiming 4 percent. Mrs. Lowe received 375,959 votes to Ms. Bogle's 181,133. Shuey got 21,316 votes.

Mrs. Lowe won Lampasas County with 5,383 votes -- 73 percent of the county total. Ms. Bogle earned 23 percent with 1,722 votes, and Shuey captured 4 percent with 297 votes.

Republican Mike Conaway, District 11 U.S. representative, defended his seat with an 88 percent to 12 percent victory over Libertarian John Strohm. Conaway won by a count of 189,390 votes to 25,031 votes.

Conaway received 88 percent of the Lampasas County, as well, and topped Strohm 5,708 votes to 761.

Troy Fraser Republican Troy Fraser retained his Texas Senate District 24 seat, garnering 196,820 votes to Libertarian challenger Bill Oliver's 33,424. Fraser's total equated to 85 percent of total votes.

Fraser performed even better in Lampasas County, winning 88 percent to 12 percent. Fraser captured 5,707 Lampasas County votes, and Oliver got 770.

Fraser said in a statement that in the upcoming legislative session he will focus on strengthening the state's economy in the wake of national financial problems.

"I want to thank everyone who voted to allow me to continue to represent them in the Texas Senate," Fraser said. "As always, I am honored to serve the people of Senate District 24."

District 54 Rep. Jimmie Don Aycock retained his seat by defeating Libertarian Nicolaas Kramer 78 percent to 22 percent. Aycock amassed 33,524 votes to Kramer's 9,423.

In Lampasas County, Aycock notched 5,793 votes to Kramer's 722 for an 89 percent to 11 percent victory. "I'm delighted to serve for another two years," Aycock said.

Jimmie Don Aycock 27th Judicial District Judge Joe Carroll, Lampasas County Attorney Larry Allison, Lampasas County sheriff candidate David Whitis and Lampasas County Tax Assessor- Collector Linda Crawford, all Republicans, faced no opposition.

Precinct 1 County Commissioner Robert Vincent and Precinct 3 Commissioner Lowell Ivey also were re-elected with no opposition. Precinct 1 Constable Gordon Nelson, Precinct 2 & 3 Constable Camron Brister and Precinct 4 constable candidate Ronny Hamilton did not draw opponents.

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